How to make maximum size gains!

bone pressed erect length length gains penis size progressive resistance tissue expansion Mar 29, 2024

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First: tissue stretch is KING! If you're not inducing a maximum level of tissue stretch as you train, you're not going to stimulate growth. It needs to be understood that this does NOT mean to use maximum force or duration, but to find the "sweet spot" in between not enough activity and too much.

Testing specific movements for effectiveness is often a good way of gauging what's going to work for you. For length work, test out BPFSL (Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length) before and then immediately after an exercise. If you're getting a differential of 1/2" or better, it's likely you're going to get a massive amount of progress from the exercise. If less than 1/4" differential, then you may need to seek elsewhere.

The same formula can be used for girth- except the differentials are cut by half and you gauge erect girth instead of BPFSL.

Creating the right environment for growth is also important. You MUST allow for enough rest after training for recuperation AND growth! Most would do well to train along a Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri type split- as this allows for an optimal balance of work and rest.

Making sure your EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness) and conditioning are prioritized is important. If you have poor EQ, you're going to have problems making size gains- as the internal pressure and recovery resources won't be sufficient for maximizing growth. A focus on stamina only training will be helpful until one has at least a satisfactory level of EQ.

In hand with this is your emotional state. Unlike other forms of training where lower emotions like anger can spur results, the penis is an organ of the parasympathetic system. Anxiety, anger, and other stressful emotions will interfere with the arousal process, so engaging in regular emotional visualizations exercises BEFORE you get started will be important in allowing you to get to at least a neutral emotional state for training.

Conditioning is your ability to withstand exercise stress. Coming away trained but not overworked is important, and you can ensure this is happening if you're showing good tissue expansion during and after training but are NOT inducing soreness.

Progressive resistance is another key to making regular gains. You should be adding a slight amount of time and/or tension each session. Not doing so will cause your progress to stagnate.

Making sure you're doing what you can to optimize each aspect of your training will yield maximum results!

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