Male enhancement replies, vol. 1

clomid lecithin male enhancement semen seminal loads tape measure Apr 01, 2024

Do you lose your gains if you stop using it?

When you reach your goals, you'll want to cement your gains in order to keep them. This requires that you reduce your volume (not intensity) of your male enhancement training over the course of 4 to 6 weeks.

Once this is done, maintaining a high level of EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness) by performing stamina training and/or engaging in regular vigorous sexual activities should allow you to maintain your size and conditioning from there.

I tried everything to blow bigger loads. Kegels and supplements and drinking three or four big glasses of celery juice a day. Hydration helps. Drink lots and lots of water. Outside of that, yeah, it's genetics. I've always been a dribbler, and always wanted to fire rope after rope of semen, just like Peter North did. Now there was a guy who nearly drowned some of his co-stars. He's probably been retired for ten or fifteen years now, but eighties, nineties and early two thousands, that dude was the GOAT when it came to the old "money-shot".

REPLY: The supplement lecithin is good for boosting seminal loads. One tablespoon a day and you should begin to note greater volume in less than a week. Collagen protein is also good for this purpose.

Some have used Clomid (a prescription drug in the US) to increase the volume of their ejaculations.

I use ruler for lenght...tape measure for at 18x16 and still doing PE.happy to prove it. Lol

REPLY: A ruler for length can work well provided you're measuring along the entire length of the shaft (not allowing any curve which may be present to leave space).

A tape measure or piece of non-stretchy string are great for measuring both length and girth. For girth, you can measure along any axis (or even several) for posterity.

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