Penis enlargement (PE) 101- Part 1

bigger devices eq erection quality manual exercises penis enlargement penis size Apr 01, 2024

It's safe to say that most men have thought about how to get a bigger penis. Some think of it as an interesting idea, while others worry about their own size enough to eagerly pursue potential solutions.

The penis is a physical symbol for masculinity and serves to propagate the species as well as to bring pleasure to its owner. With the advent of the internet and some of the industries built around the phallus, the following should help you determine if pursuing penis enlargement is in your best interests.

Penis enlargement: what is it?

Penis enlargement (PE) refers to making the penis larger than its current state. There are many different approaches for doing this (with some methods being safer and more effective than others), but the focus is on increasing the aspects of flaccid and erect size (in length and girth).

Is it possible?

Penis enlargement has been proven possible in both formal and informal settings. There are thousands of men who've posted their penis enlargement results on the internet. Medical literature has numerous articles on the subject.

While not a quick fix, you can- with patience and dedication- develop real permanent results in both size and Erection Quality (EQ- a combined measure of stamina and hardness).

What methods can be used to make penis size gains?

There are four main categories of PE:

Manual exercises


‧ Supplements/drugs

‧ Surgery

Part 2 of this article will expand on the four main categories of PE, go over benefits, and more.

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